Integrated Pest Management

Here at Doc & Yeti we believe in a Biological Pest Management Program First and Foremost.  We constantly populate our garden with predator bugs (soil predators, canopy predators, and nematodes) to kill other harmful bugs, and through the use of beneficial microbes and good bacteria, we can defeat and keep away many other pests and diseases.

Cleanliness, complete climate control, and sound plant maintenance are all key factors to the program.  ALL Doc & Yeti product originates from our garden and is never outsourced from a third party.

The following WSLCB (I-502), PICOL, and Washington State Department of Agriculture approved products are either “stored just in case” OR periodically used within our Pest Management Program as needed.

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Axiom (Harpin protein)

Azaguard (botanical based)

Botanigard Maxx (biological)

Chrysanthemum flower extract (OMRI listed)

Citric Acid (OMRI listed)

Neem (OMRI listed)

Venerate XC (OMRI listed)

Grandivo (OMRI listed)

BioMite (OMRI listed)

Pure ag (food grade oils)

Safer Garden Fungicide (OMRI listed)